Vision, Mission and Values


Visionary Framework


To provide educational opportunities for North Dakota’s learners.


  • Teamwork:  CDE believes that only through trust, open communication, and collaboration with one another can we meet our objective of helping all students learn.
  • Customer Focus:  CDE acknowledges that its key customer is every K-12 student in North Dakota along with their parent/guardian. CDE’s main objective is to identify and meet customer expectations.
  • Learning:  CDE recognizes that the world we live in is changing rapidly. CDE team members value continually learning and applying new knowledge so the organization can continue to add value to the customer.
  • Educational Transformation:  CDE utilizes research, technology, and customer feedback to build transformative learning experiences for each student that prepare them for post-secondary, career readiness, and/or military readiness.
  • Innovation:  CDE strives for continual improvement of processes, services, and infrastructure by efficiently utilizing active measures to make decisions.
  • Partnerships:  CDE partners with schools, non-profits, for-profits, and state agencies/departments to reach each learner.
  • Opportunity:  CDE recognizes each learner should have a choice in what they learn regardless of where they are located.

Envisioned Future:

Every learner is at a unique place in their learning journey. CDE believes that with one-on-one learning facilitation, quality curriculum, and the intelligent use of technology, all learners in North Dakota can be empowered to master essential learning outcomes.


To ensure that all North Dakota students regardless of location have access to educational opportunities that meet or exceed customer expectations for:

  • the quality of curriculum,
  • ongoing contact time with highly qualified teachers,
  • monitoring course delivery efficiency and effectiveness, and
  • student learning.