Welcome Letter



I want to personally welcome you to North Dakota’s Center for Distance Education (NDCDE). We exist to meet your expectations for learning. We do this by being a learning organization ourselves.

When I was a younger learner, I viewed school or the learning that occurred in it as having an end. Whether it was middle school, high school or college, I always thought that learning ended with the next diploma or degree. I was wrong. What I have discovered is that learning is indeed a lifelong journey that will not end until we take our last breath.

We now enter the age when there are no longer gatekeepers of knowledge. Technology has played the part of the great equalizer making information available to anyone, anytime if they have a device that can connect to the internet. You now can access information at speeds other generations could not dream of. Your generation’s challenge will be to harness this information to collaborate with one another and creatively solve some of the most challenging problems from your local communities to a global scale. The only way you’ll be able to do this is with the willingness to learn new things in all that you do. You will find creative ways to break down traditional barriers and build partnerships that previously did not exist.

The people at NDCDE want to help you along this journey. As an organization, we have pledged to never stop learning either.

All of us at NDCDE wish you the best as you continue your learning journey.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Matthew Lonn
State Director
ND Center for Distance Education