Grades of Incomplete Procedure

Link to Mayville State's Incomplete Grade Request Form

Under extraordinary circumstances and at the discretion of the instructor, a student may be assigned a grade of Incomplete (I). The following procedure applies to Incomplete Grades:

  1. The grade of Incomplete is assigned to indicate that 75% of satisfactory work has been completed of the session end, and that circumstances beyond the student’s control prevented completion of the work.
  2. The grade of Incomplete is not to be given in any instance where the student has a not successfully completed 75% of the course work.
  3. Grades of Incomplete are initiated by student request. The student must contact the instructor, request an incomplete grade, and, upon instructor approval, make arrangements to complete the work.
  4. An Incomplete Grade Form detailing the work to be completed, expected completion date, and grading standard is to be signed and dated by both the instructor and the student. The form is to be submitted to the Academic Records Office by the grade submission deadline for the session in which the course was taken.
  5. Grades of Incomplete must be removed no later than the end of the fourth week of the close of the session in which it was awarded.
  6. Grades of Incomplete are removed when the student has completed all course requirements and the instructor of the course completes the final processing section of the Incomplete Grade Request Form with the Academic Records Office.
  7. All grades of Incomplete that are not removed within the specified time are automatically changed to the grade indicated on the original Incomplete Grade Request form submitted by the student and instructor.
  8. Requests for extensions beyond the fourth week of the end of the session in which the Incomplete was awarded require approval by the instructor and the chair of the department offering the course. Extensions are only granted in an extenuating circumstance that has affected the student’s ability to comply with the deadline in the initial request.
    • Extension dates may not exceed two incomplete deadline cycles (8 weeks).
    • Successful progress has been made during the first given deadline
    • Extension requests require a new Incomplete Grade Request Form to be completed and submitted to the Academic Records Office prior to the end of the fourth week deadline.
  9. Students are not allowed to graduate with Incomplete grades on their academic records. Upon graduation, unconverted Incomplete grades will convert to grades of ‘F’. if a course in which Incomplete grade was assigned is required for graduation, graduation will be postponed.
  10. Students who receive grades of Incomplete or converted grade of F may appeal disputed grades.