Summer School


Summer School

  • NDCDE’s licensed, highly qualified teachers are available throughout the summer to work with your students.
  • Most NDCDE courses are available throughout the year for students who want to recover credits, catch up on credits, or work ahead.
  • NDCDE courses are inexpensive for North Dakota students.

Two Models for Summer School

Model 1

Traditionally, schools start summer school a week after the end of the regular school year, and summer school runs for 5-6 weeks. Classes are most often held at the school in the morning.

Model 2

A second option for summer school allows the students to work independently and complete their course(s) at home or at school. The model could work like this:

Following an introductory session with an NDCDE teacher on the first day of summer school, students may choose to work at home or at school. Your school is responsible to provide (or allow BYOD) computers or laptops for students who choose to work at the school. You will also need to provide staff to supervise the students and proctor their tests. Students could be made responsible to provide their own computer or laptop, if they choose to work at home, or your school could provide the computers (NDCDE does not provide computers). Your school determines who will proctor tests and when and where the tests will be proctored.

Related Summer School Information

DPI has changed the process for state-funded summer school programs and MIS03 reporting. Schools using NDCDE for summer school courses will now need to submit the enrollments on their school’s MIS03 report. Further information can be found on DPI’s website.