CDE-EmpowerU Partnership

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The North Dakota Center for Distance Education (NDCDE) is partnering with EmpowerU to bring a highly personalized, data-driven solution to equip students with the skills they need to be resilient, self-directed learners and reach their goals. Our blended approach of online lessons with robust embedded coaching helps expand districts capacity to meet the urgent need to support student well-being and mental health. Now more than ever, students need support and skills to engage, learn and focus.

EmpowerU's turn-key program delivers robust and highly personalized student support each day. Over 94% of students that complete the course make significant, measurable progress toward lasting change and increased resilience. EmpowerU Do Firstâ„¢ Methodology helps students take actionable steps forward each day. This ensures the CASEL aligned core concepts are not just taught, but learned in a way that students can remember and apply when challenges arise.

Students can enroll in the online, credit-bearing class directly or work with their school guidance counselor.

For North Dakota schools/districts interested in this course, ND DPI has provided a matching grant for enrollments.

DPI will reimburse all ND school districts half of the course enrollment fee through the web grants portal reducing the cost from $390 to $195 per enrollment.

Link to enroll in Middle School EmpowerU Course
Link to enroll in High School EmpowerU Course

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