Extension Policy Changes

<< All News Monday, December 12, 2022 - 08:00am

During the rush of virtual learning across the state, CDE saw a need to offer students short extensions on courses. We are pleased to announce that we will continue the practice of offering extensions for students with a few changes to the current practice. To request a Course Enrollment Extension please go to the Forms page.

  • Default Course End Dates: NDCDE has established default 20-week enrollment windows for all courses (18 weeks for dual credit) based on best practices in delivering online education, yet we understand that each partnership has unique needs. Virtual Academies are a great example of this unique need. Officials might want to have the ability to extend a student’s course close to the original 20 weeks end date but altered slightly to match their traditional school calendar for pacing. Now they can identify that date on the form. Note, this extension date change will only be available once, so double-check the new end dates you are requesting.
  • Short-Term Extensions: This type of extension is for when life happens to get in the way of our students, and they have no control. We can all relate to that need for some extra grace in our lives. A requestor of a course might find that a student needs a couple of days added on as the student’s Learning Coach is gone from school the last week of the course, or a family emergency has occurred, or they might have been working extremely hard but just needed a few more days to work with the NDCDE teacher before taking their summative exam. Changes have been made from the automatic two-week course extension during the pandemic to now the requestor of the course may apply for a short-term extension of up to fourteen (14) days beyond the scheduled end date of the course. This extension request will be reviewed by the NDCDE Administration and the teacher of the course if the request is at least 48 hours before the course end date, the student has completed at least 70% of the coursework with fidelity and has documented unforeseen circumstances prevent the student from completing a course by its scheduled end date.
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