Earn Your Diploma FAQ


Please review this quick video to overview the student experience at NDCDE.

A description of our diploma program can be found on our website.

NDCDE is Cognia and NCAA accredited (specific courses). The diploma earned is a high school diploma.

NDCDE will follow the state requirements for graduation. Currently the state requires 22 credits. For more specific information, please review our website.

NDCDE’s Guidance department will conduct a transcript evaluation. Based on this evaluation, you will know what is required for graduation. For more information, please contact

No, you will be considered a homeschooled student and should follow any laws about homeschooling in your state of residence. North Dakota families can review information on ND DPI’s website.

Course fees can be found in the store. Most courses will be $259/course for in-state students and $345/course for out-of-state students (subject to change).

Yes, NDCDE will follow accommodations to the best of our ability. We do not create plans as those will need to be done by the student’s local district. You can review more about this on our website.

We do not offer testing through NDCDE. A student in our diploma program is considered homeschooled; therefore, the student should register as a homeschooled student with their local district and ask the school when they can take their standardized exams.

There are currently no age restrictions for students wanting to earn a high school diploma from NDCDE.

Students can take as few or as many courses at a time as they would like, depending on time management skills and their schedules.

  • Some students prefer to enroll in two or three courses at a time, work quickly through them, and enroll in two or three more courses.
  • Some students will enroll in two or three courses, and a few weeks into the course enroll in another, and halfway through those classes, enroll in another, etc.
  • Other students prefer the more traditional route of enrolling in five or six classes at a time and taking closer to the full 20 weeks to finish.

To graduate in the traditional four-year time frame, we recommend taking 5.5 credits (11 classes) per calendar year.

We do not have specific plans of study, but we offer example plans of study college-bound and general diplomas. We will also help students choose classes that align with their interests and career aspirations.

It is highly recommended that if you are planning to attend a university, you understand the requirements of entry.

Yes, NDCDE will accept out-of-state students into our diploma program as long as state policy and NDCDE capacity allows.

All out-of-state students will need to take at least 11 courses with NDCDE, through a ND accredited high school, or a combination of these.

When you sign up for classes, you will list someone as your learning coach.

A parent, guardian, or person of your choice can serve as a learning coach. This person is responsible for entering passwords on exams and supervising the student while taking the exam. NDCDE reserves the right to remove a learning coach for any policy violations by the student or designated learning coach.

There are no cohorts or traditional semesters, so students can enter and leave anytime throughout the year.

NDCDE uses Parchment services for official transcript requests. If you have not used this service in the past, you will want to set up a New Learner Account.

Schools requesting records requests can email

Once all requirements for graduation have been met, you will receive a final email that will let you know you have earned your diploma, ask you to take a brief survey, and verify a mailing address where we will send the diploma.