Business Manager Account



School Business Managers can submit a Portal Account Request (PAR) to obtain a Business Manager User Account in our business system. This special user account will be associated with your school's business account. It allows the user to see any paid and unpaid invoices for orders submitted on your school’s account by any school staff associated with the account. You will be able to download PDF copies of the invoices, for orders submitted, and pay for each with a credit card. You can still pay by check, via the mail, if desired.

How to Login

To submit a Portal Account Request (PAR), navigate to our websites homepage and click on the Store Login button.

Image of NDCDE Homepage

Users will need to login using one of the external identity systems. Each is described on the login page. Please choose the one that's right for your situation. If you use EduTech’s Office 365 system you can use your existing Office 365 User ID to login by clicking the green button. If your school doesn’t use EduTech’s K12 Office 365 system, then you'll need to create a ND Login User ID by clicking the blue button.

NDCDE Online Store Log In Page

Portal Account Request (PAR)

Upon first log in, you will be presented with a short form asking you to identify yourself, school, and school's business manager (which will also be you). Once submitted we will process the Portal Account Request (PAR) and connect your user account to the correct school's business account. You'll receive a notification email once that’s complete (usually within in 1 business day).

Once completed, you will be able to view any invoices attached to your school’s account. You will also be able to order and purchases courses for students if needed.

How to Retrieve an Invoice

Select the Invoices menu item to list your invoices.

Invoice Menu

Then look for the Paid and Unpaid drop down filter.

Invoice Drop Down Filter Menu

Each Invoice, once opened, has a PDF attached with a link for download.

Invoice PDF File Download Link

Please contact us if you have any questions.