Clearinghouse Purpose

To provide ND education consumers an overview of the online education organizations providing courses and instruction in North Dakota. The overview includes identification of online providers in North Dakota, types of courses provided, learning management system (LMS) compatibility, and costs, including course price and additional costs. Additional information is provided, as applicable and appropriate, to assist ND education consumers distinguish between technological innovation and learning innovation. For further information, please contact NDCDE at 701-298-4830 orĀ

NDCC: 15-19-02.1. Distance Education Clearinghouse

The director of the Center for Distance Education shall establish a clearinghouse for online courses delivered to North Dakota schools for the purpose of providing:

  1. A list of the online courses and providers for all North Dakota schools to access.
  2. Awareness of online courses available in new and emerging careers.
  3. A list of comparative prices for online courses and other online services.
  4. Awareness of the differences between technological innovation and learning innovation.

ND Digital Course Clearinghouse Measures