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Non-North Dakota Enrollment Notice

NDCDE is expecting very high enrollment numbers to continue into the spring of 2021. To continue to provide high-quality student learning experiences, NDCDE has made the decision to continue a TEMPORARY SUSPENSION of purchasing online courses by Non-North Dakota residents. NDCDE will re-evaluate its instructor capacity once again on June 1st, 2021. Currently, there is no waiting list for courses. If it is decided on 6/1/2021 that NDCDE has additional capacity for non-North Dakota students, NDCDE’s online store will re-open for course purchases for non-North Dakota students on 6/2/2021.

Spring 2021 CDE Enrollment School Guidance

CDE Enrollment Guidance to Schools for Spring 2021 can be found here.

North Dakota Enrollment Notice

Currently, all CDE courses are available to North Dakota Students.

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Welcome To North Dakota Center For Distance Education

The North Dakota Center for Distance Education (NDCDE) is an accredited, non-profit, distance education school that has been providing educational opportunities to students around the world since 1935.

NDCDE's courses are available to any students in grades 6-12. NDCDE is familiar and works well with a variety of educational arrangements including public, private, home, and charter schools. NDCDE provides instructional support for all its courses.