North Dakota Civics Requirements for Graduation

On January 30, 2015, Governor Dalrymple signed into law House Bill 1087, relating to the demonstration of proficiency in Civics as a condition of ND high school graduation.

When Does the Civics Test Requirement Begin?

Any student who graduates from a North Dakota high school during or after the 2016-17 school year is required to take and pass the test.

Who is required to take the Civics test(s)?

The requirement set forth in this section applies to each student who is:

  1. Enrolled in a public school district;
  2. Enrolled in a nonpublic school;
  3. Enrolled in the Center for Distance Education;
  4. Receiving home education if the student is to be issued a high school diploma in accordance with subsection 1 of section 15.1-23-17 (NDCC); or
  5. Pursuing a general equivalency diploma.

Who can take the North Dakota Civics Exam test from NDCDE?

  • A student planning on earning a ND high school diploma from NDCDE and
  • A student who is currently enrolled with NDCDE or has previously been enrolled with NDCDE

If you have any questions regarding eligibility please contact Jocelyn Kolle at 701-630-1885 or by using our Contact NDCDE Staff Form.

How can a student prepare before taking the North Dakota Civics Exam?

The 100 questions and answers for the North Dakota Civics Exam are provided for the student to review before taking the exam. The exam is based upon the questions used for the United States naturalization test. The North Dakota Civics Exam will be in a multiple choice format.

This link will provide you with the ND Civics Exam Study Questions.


Use the form below to register for the Civics Exam:

ND Civics Exam Web Form