How to Officially Enroll

If you would like to earn your high school diploma from NDCDE and have access to services provided by the Academic Adviser you will need to apply to the program by following the directions below.

  1. Read the terms/conditions of the program below
  2. Send any necessary transcripts from previous school(s) to: for an evaluation
  3. Pay the diploma program enrollment fee hereYou will need the order number for the application form.
  4. Fill out and submit the Diploma Program Application on the Forms Page (Look for a confirmation e-mail from ND CDE)
  5. Set up a meeting with Mrs. Kolle.
  6. Enroll in your first course(s) at ND CDE.

Terms and Conditions


Because NDCDE is North Dakota’s only digital school and because NDCDE is not allowed charter school status (charter schools are not allowed by law in North Dakota) all students who enroll in NDCDE’s diploma program come to the program by way of other schools – public, private or home schools. This means that an important step in the enrollment process for students entering NDCDE’s diploma program is a detailed review of their official transcript, or in the case of home schooled students, a thorough investigation of their schooling provided at home.

Because NDCDE is a digital school, NDCDE is subject to an AdvancED requirement referred to as the “25% rule”.


Students enrolled in the diploma program at the North Dakota Center for Distance Education will be provided transcript evaluations, yearly consultation of educational plans, career interest inventories, information on standardized testing for grades 8-12, consultation regarding scores on career inventories and/or standardized tests if applicable, information on state scholarships, and a high school diploma upon meeting the requirements of graduation. Local school districts will be responsible for any services, required by the student, reflected in state law. Students enrolling in NDCDE as a diploma student should register with their state’s Department of Education as a home-schooled student and follow any rules or regulations that apply.

For reference here is the North Dakota Century Code (t15.1c23) for "home education".

Leaving the Program?

A student can leave the program three ways.

  1. Graduate: a student completes all required course work and is issued a diploma.
  2. Withdraw: A student fills out a Diploma Program Withdrawal Request on the Forms Page. While he/she can continue to take courses, he/she will no longer receive the services of the academic adviser.
  3. Force withdraw: A student who is not enrolled in at least one course for six months, and does not communicate with NDCDE after three attempts at contact will be force dropped from the diploma program. If the student wishes to return to the program at a later time he/she will need to re-apply and pay the enrollment fee.