Expected Course Progress

Students who enroll with NDCDE in online courses are expected to follow their online assignment calendar (pacing chart) or teacher-provided calendar for their course(s). Students are expected to stay on pace by completing their assignments throughout the duration of their course(s). To do so, students should expect to engage in 1-2 hours of work per day, per course. Students who do not stay on pace will be notified via multiple means by NDCDE.

Special Notice

NDCDE will monitor student activity in a course upon initial active enrollment. If there have been no activity minutes logged by the student, within the first 7 days of initial course enrollment, the student, Learning Coach, guardian/parent, course enroller, and teacher will receive a notification via email alerting them of this inactivity.

NDCDE offers a drop grace with a refund, less $20 for administrative processing, within the first 10 business days of each course. Courses may be dropped within the first 10 weeks of a course with no refund or grade issued. If you are seeking to drop the course enrollment, please go to the Forms page.