Course Completion

Once a course is completed, the completion certificate can be downloaded through our Student Information System.

A student who fails a course may enroll in it again.

NDCDE's credit recovery program is another option for those students who fail certain core courses, whether the courses are provided by their school of record or NDCDE. Administrative approval from both the local school and NDCDE is required to enroll in a credit recovery course.

In the event that a student has reached his or her enrollment end date with work missing, the CDE instructor will enter zeros for all unsubmitted assignments and a course completion will be issued, unless a one-time only course extension is purchased. Extensions must be purchased within 10 business days of the final grade being issued.

Minimum Completion Time

It is strongly recommended that a NDCDE course should not be completed in less than five weeks. This minimum is set in order to provide adequate time for student and teacher interaction, assignment completion, and grading.