Enrollment Hold

If a student is experiencing a personal hardship (extenuating circumstances out of their control, medical issues including mental health, etc.) and is unable to work on a course(s) for an extended period (for an interval of at least one week or more), the course enrollment(s) of the student can be placed on a one-time hold, for up to 20 weeks.

While the hold is in place the student will not have access to the course or regular communication from the teacher and will retain all progress and time remaining in the course prior to the hold.

All course hold requests must be submitted and approved by the individual who purchased the enrollment on behalf of the student. If more than one course is put on hold, they can be reinstated at the same time or in a staggered reinstatement to provide more flexibility for the student, as decided by the academic team.

A one-time hold of 20 weeks for each course requested and approved will begin on the date the hold is put in place in NDCDE’s Student Information System. If a student wants to be reinstated in a course before the 20-week hold has ended a formal ‘Request for Reinstatement’ needs to be completed.

If a request for reinstatement is not made on behalf of the student before the 20-week hold period has ended, communication will be initiated by NDCDE administration, the course will be reinstated the day after the course hold expires, and the student’s adjusted end date will reflect the amount of time left in the course prior to the hold. NDCDE will follow-up with a confirmation of reinstatement email.

To request any of the course length change options, use the Course Length Change Request form found on the Forms page.

** If a student is experiencing a medical hardship that was not addressed with a course hold prior to impacting their coursework, there is the potential to apply a retroactive medical extension with the submission of dated paperwork. **

For more information, please reach out to: Nicole Matchett Wagner at 701-361-2736.