NDCDE sets its course pricing for each biennium following the legislative session. The tuition schedule for 23-25 is as follows (click here to download a handout with this information):

NDCDE Course Costs
Enrollment typeMost NDCDE courses**Middle and high school cybersecurity coursesDual credit coursesEmpowerU courses
ND student enrolled by an NDSOS* member with fewer than 3500 students$229$109N/A$399
ND student who is self-enrolled, enrolled by non-NDSOS members, or by NDSOS members with 3500+ students$259$109 (large district NDSOS members) to $119 (non-NDSOS members and self-pay students)$153.96 per credit (self-pay only; state law prohibits schools from paying for dual credit courses)$399
Out-of-state student$349$349N/A$399

*North Dakota Small Organized Schools: to learn more about becoming a member visit:

**Almost all courses are priced using this schedule unless otherwise indicated in our store due to the unique nature of the course. For example, certain CTE courses leading to certification follow different pricing, as do specially discounted courses (cybersecurity) and dual credit courses.

Long-Term Extensions & Retakes

NDCDE charges the original course cost for retakes and long-term extensions. For more information on them, please see our Course Length policy.

Course Material

Except for some dual credit courses, NDCDE students do not need to purchase textbooks to take our courses. Some courses require students to purchase materials and supplies, and each course syllabus provides this information.


NDCDE assesses fees for diplomas, course extensions, and transcripts (issued by Parchment). Information on these fees is available by clicking on the corresponding links.

Who is Responsible for Paying for NDCDE Courses?

This responsibility varies based on a student's current enrollment status and state of residence.

  • North Dakota students enrolled in a public school: Under NDCC 15-19-01, the student's school district of residence is responsible for paying course costs (except dual credit courses). For the district to pay, it must enroll the student in NDCDE courses per our policy. To learn more about this law, see the ND DPI guidance.
  • Homeschooled students: The student or parent is responsible for paying tuition. NDCDE assesses tuition at the time of purchase, and prices are based on the student's state of residence.
  • Out-of-state students: The student, parent, or the student's enrolled school may pay the cost of NDCDE courses. We encourage parents to consult their school to determine if it covers the cost of online courses through NDCDE. NDCDE charges out-of-state pricing to all non-North Dakota students regardless of who pays, except for military students covered by NDCC 15.1-07-37.