NDCDE Acceptable Use Policy of Technology Resources for Staff and Students

Access to and use of NDCDE technology resources is a privilege and should be treated as such by all users. Misuse of the system is considered a violation of the school’s policy and may also be a violation of the law. The following policy applies to all users of NDCDE’s online services.

  1. NDCDE accounts and affiliated services are to be used for K-12 education purposes only.
  2. Logins and passwords are provided for the individual while they are affiliated with NDCDE.
  3. Users are expected to protect their password and not share this information with another.
  4. Users shall not examine, change or use any account but their own.
  5. No user may represent himself/herself as another individual or entity in electronic communication.
  6. Users should expect only limited privacy in the contents of their personal files and communications. Files may be searched if there is reasonable cause that a user has violated NDCDE policies or the law. Investigations will be reasonable and related to the suspected violation. NDCDE will cooperate with external networks and authorities in the resolution of an investigation within the restrictions of federal and state law and the Family Educational Right to Privacy Act (FERPA).
  7. NDCDE reserves the right, with reasonable cause, to search any user’s account.
  8. No account may be used to damage a system or file or to remove information without authorization. Users shall not deliberately attempt to degrade performance or capacity.
  9. NDCDE’s services are to be used only for lawful purposes. This includes the following:
    1. Transmission, distribution or storage of material prohibited by law.
    2. Material protected by copyright, trademark or other property right without authorization.
    3. Materials deemed obscene, defamatory, constitutes an illegal threat or violates the law.
  10. NDCDE’s services are not to be used to send material intended to threaten, harass, annoy or alarm another individual.

Any user of NDCDE’s services who violates this appropriate use policy will result in the loss of privileges as well as further disciplinary and/or legal action. Results of a violation of this policy may also involve discipline actions from the home school district of the student. All accounts are the sole property of NDCDE and are provided to the users, organization and school district as a service. Final determination of account status remains with the NDCDE staff and may not be appealed. Should account access be denied for disciplinary reasons, users forfeit all information in the account.