Website Whitelisting

Your school has network filters that may prevent you from accessing websites needed for your course.  If you cannot access a website during your course, please contact your school's tech support (or network manager) and to have them whitelist the site.

You must have access to these sites for all NDCDE courses:


Most courses have additional external links to sites which could be blocked by your local school's filter settings or a filter program installed on your device at home. If sites are blocked on your device at home you will need to change your filter settings to allow them to be viewed.

Instructions for Whitelisting Additional Websites

If, after whitelisting the above sites, you are unable to access content within your course, NDCDE has created an Investigation Tool to help identify additional external content reference which may be blocked by your school's filter settings or a filter program installed on your device at home. Below is a copy of the Investigation Tool along with a Word Document explaining how to use the Investigation Tool.

While NDCDE is available to provide guidance on using the Investigation Tool, it will be your school network administrator's or home device administrator's responsibility to find the additional websites that will need to be whitelisted.

Email Whitelisting

In order to make sure you can receive emails sent from NDCDE, your school's IT Coordinator may need to whitelist the following domains:

  • (most but not all email sent to students originates from an address)
  • (student information system)
  • (learning management system)
  • (ticket support system)

Check Your Junk or Clutter Folders Regularly

You may find email sent from NDCDE ending up in your junk or clutter folder. Please make sure to check these folders regularly and adjust your email client's settings. Be sure to add email from the above addresses to your safe sender's list.