The mission of the North Dakota Center for Distance Education is to provide virtual education to support North Dakota's K-12 schools. It offers all students access to extensive educational opportunities, allowing them to achieve their personal goals and reach their full potential. CDE is innovative and quality-focused in its approach to educational delivery and its scope of services to foster the strength of North Dakota's future.

NDCDE Values

At CDE, we embrace the following as our core values. We are:

  • Barrier breakers: We're relentless in our efforts to provide educational access to students.
  • Bridge builders: Cultivating partnerships and relationships enrich and expand our services, encouraging deep engagement with them
  • Flexibility fluent: Fluidity and adaptability drive our operations daily, helping us meet the evolving educational needs of students and schools

CDE employees embody the following attributes. We are:

  • Student-centered: With deep empathy, we consider our students first and do what's necessary to meet their needs.
  • Passionate about education: We know the value of education, and we?e excited to demonstrate to our students its endless potential.
  • Self-directed problem solvers: We're a virtual workforce, requiring the ability to work and often troubleshoot independently. We operate under a silent honor code, committing to fulfill our responsibilities daily with very little oversight.
  • Technology adept: We use a wide variety of technology to effectively perform our responsibilities and stay connected with our students, educational partners, and co-workers.

At CDE, we strive to embed the following characteristics into our culture and practices. We aim to be:

  • Fearless innovators: As a virtual school, we aspire to be on the cutting edge of educational change, participating in life-long learning to keep pace with the ever-evolving dynamics of our fields and taking risks when deemed to be in our students best interests.
  • Quality conscious: We always pause to consider quality before we venture into new territory, and through ongoing assessment and evaluation, we constantly recommit to quality to guide all growth and change.
  • Considerately collaborative: We recognize that none of our core processes can operate effectively on their own; we are better when we work in tandem with each other, and we strive for cohesive synergy in all we do, leveraging the best of all employees talents; this approach to our work has a residual impact on our interactions with students, parents, learning coaches, and schools, inviting a team approach to each student's learning experience.