How Can Parents Help Their Children Be Successful In An Online School Environment?

  • Stick to the schedule - include free time, extra activities, work, etc. Write the schedule out so it is easier to follow.
  • Dedicate a space for working on school and limit distractions.
  • Be flexible.
  • Understand the school's policies.
  • Ask questions! Do not be afraid to ask the staff at the school questions you have in order to help your student be successful!
  • Find other parents and discuss what works for them/their student.
  • Check state law regarding homeschool and graduation requirements.
  • Work with the academic adviser/school counselor to discuss course options and a plan of study.
  • Have students take career inventories and develop goals for after high school to help with course planning.
  • Ask the school staff for specific support for topics/skills where your student may need extra help.

Helping Children With Social & Emotional Health

  • Keep them connected - Find opportunities for safe interaction with peers.
  • Utilize school counseling staff.
  • Communicate with your child.
  • Books, apps, and games can help get the conversation started.
  • Practice a healthy lifestyle.
  • Get adequate sleep.
  • Understand risk factors.
  • Reach out to professionals if you are concerned with your child's behavior.