Communication Made with All Stakeholders has Included the Following

  • Why the district is offering the course online.
  • The location(s) students will be expected to work on their online course.
  • How often students will be expected to work on their online course.
  • Local individual who will be a facilitator for the students.
  • Who is responsible for managing student/parent technology concerns?

Qualifications of On-site Personnel Working with Kids

  • Moderate level of comfort with technology.
  • Can build positive relationships with students
  • Is approachable by students.
  • Moderate to high comfort level with ambiguity in a classroom.
  • Can maintain at least moderate comfort level when faced with problems or questions they might not know the answer to.
  • Has demonstrated an ability to problem solve

Online Learning Room

  • A comfortable atmosphere where students feel safe to work quietly individually or quietly with a partner if they choose.
  • Room allows access to computers or laptops via wi-fi or hardline internet connection.
  • Room has adequate power supply for devices.
  • Implementation of flex seating (standing work stations, areas to work on the floor, tables, and chairs, unique seating, etc..)

Technology Requirements

  • Student email accounts have been created and students are able to access their email accounts before course enrollment.

  • Exceptions may need to be made so your students are able to effectively communicate with their NDCDE instructor. This will be the case if your school employs internet restriction policies that PREVENT STUDENTS from ...
    • Sending and receiving email TO recipients outside of your organization.
    • Sharing documents TO recipients outside of your organization.

    G-Suite Domain and Office 365 Tenant administrators may need to grant special privileges for these students. This page(Google G-Suite Admin Info) provides an example of how some G-Suite Administrators manage this scenario.

  • School technology coordinator confirming onsite computer lab meets NDCDE's computer requirements for taking online courses.