Enrollment Window

With few exceptions, NDCDE accepts students enrolling in courses at any time of the year.

The exceptions are:

  • Courses provided to schools with a fixed schedule, and
  • Courses designated for a select time period, such as summer school.

How to Enroll with NDCDE

For schools:

  • Contact Laurie Tuma using our Contact NDCDE Staff Form to set up an online store account if the individual(s) do not already have one.
  • Before submitting any enrollments you need to confirm that each student's email address can communicate (email, file sharing etc) with the North Dakota K12 Office 365 environment ( Confirm this with your tech coordinator if your school manages its own G-Suite or Office 365 tenant.

Choose from the available NDCDE online courses at our website:

  • If you will be enrolling more than 10 students in one course, please contact NDCDE's assistant principal, Nicole Matchett Wagner, at 701-361-2736 or by using our Contact NDCDE Staff Form, so a separate course section can be created for your school.
  • When ready to enroll your students, you will need to select the start and end dates. NDCDE online courses are automatically set for 20 weeks; therefore, if you would like specific dates that align to your distance learning schedule or school's academic calendar, you will need to note that at the time of the enrollment process.
  • It should be noted on the enrollment form if a student has an IEP or 504 plan. At the completion of the enrollment process, please utilize our Contact NDCDE Staff Form and select Assistant Principal Nicole Matchett Wagner to receive details on sending a copy of the current support plan for analysis and application in our systems. You may also visit our IEP/504 page for further information.

A school approved learning coach (LC) to monitor student progress and proctor online exams must be identified and listed for each student's enrollment.

  • It is highly encouraged that schools have an internal policy in place regarding parents serving as learning coach and the school's approval for a parent learning coach is stated in the notes section of the enrollment.

Discounts may be available for North Dakota Schools who are members of North Dakota Small Organized School (NDSOS).

  • For more information on how to become an NDSOS member, please visit their website:
  • For information on these discounts, please visit our Fees & Costs page.

It is recommended that the local school's technology coordinator confirm that the device students will be using meet NDCDE's computer requirements for taking online courses.

For students and families:

Please note that if you are a North Dakota public school student or parent and you would like your district to pay the cost of your courses, your school or district must enroll you in NDCDE courses. Please contact your school or district for more information. Homeschooled families self-pay for NDCDE courses. Out-of-state students should check with their schools to determine who covers NDCDE course costs and the person or entity covering the cost should complete the enrollment process. North Dakota parents/students are responsible for paying for dual credit courses. Guidance on paying for dual credit courses will be provided during the dual credit enrollment process.

  1. Visit and click “Store Login”
  2. Select the North Dakota login on the next page:
  3. You will be prompted to create an account using a short form if this is your first time purchasing a course from NDCDE and will indicate that you are a parent/guardian, student, or other when completing this form. Do not select the school official/staff option. This form normally takes one business day to process, and you will be notified via email when your account set up is completed and you may proceed with purchasing courses.
  4. Visit our store ( and begin adding a course or courses to your cart by clicking on course tiles, clicking on choose options at the bottom of each course page, and selecting whether your child’s state of residence is North Dakota, and then “add to cart.”
  5. Upon checking out, you will be prompted to complete our enrollment form. You will select the “Enroll New Student” button to assign your student to the course you have selected. If you have multiple students who will enroll in the course you selected, complete the “enroll student” form for each learner before advancing to the next screen.
  6. You will then advance through the remainder of the form, including a summary screen showing the courses you have purchased and the students associated with them. Make any needed edits before finalizing your purchase. You will be prompted to pay for the course using a credit card.