All refund requests must be pre-approved by NDCDE within 10 business days of the original course enrollment date. All courses dropped within 24 hours of the original enrollment date will receive a full refund. All courses dropped after 24 hours but within 10 business days of the original enrollment date will be refunded minus a $20 processing fee, with the exception of all courses that included materials shipped to the student. The course materials must be returned to NDCDE within 30 days of the date the course was dropped. If the course materials are not returned, the market cost will be billed and invoiced to the party responsible for payment. Upon receiving all course materials for the dropped courses, the NDCDE invoice will be voided and the remaining amount will be refunded. If you wish to drop a course, please complete an Enrollment Drop Request form, found here on our website.

All courses dropped after the first 10 business days will receive no refund.