• Students must enroll during the enrollment window available until the second week of the corresponding semester.
  • Students must meet all eligibility requirements to enroll in NDCDE Dual Credit courses.


  • Dual credit courses follow the university semester calendar and must be completed within the semester guidelines.


  • Students must complete and submit an NDUS application to MaSU
  • Students must submit (if required for course) placement test scores to MaSU
  • Requirements include:
    • For College Algebra: ACT* math subtest score of 21 or greater
    • For Trigonometry: completion of MATH 103 or equivalent with a ā€œCā€ or higher, or ACT math subtest score of 28 or greater**
    • For College Composition I: ACT* subtest score of 18 or greater
    • For College Composition II: completion of ENGL 110 or equivalent with a ā€œCā€ or higher, or ACT subtest score of 27 or greater***
  • Student must submit high school transcripts to MaSU.
  • Students must complete NDCDE registration FORM
  • AFTER APPROVAL Students may enroll and pay for course in NDCDE store.

Placement Exams

  • NDCDE does not provide placement testing for students to qualify for enrollment in the Dual Credit program.
  • Students must arrange for placement tests with their district school, or through Mayville State University.


  • Students are responsible for submitting the proper documentation to the University to earn college credit. If the documentation is not submitted in a timely manner, the student will earn only high school credit for successful completion.

Dropping a Dual Credit Course



  • All refund requests must be pre-approved by NDCDE within 10 business days of the original course enrollment date. All courses dropped within 24 hours of the original enrollment date will receive a full refund. All courses dropped after 24 hours but within 10 business days of the original enrollment date will be refunded minus a $20 processing fee, with the exception of all courses that included materials shipped to the student.
  • The course materials must be returned to NDCDE within 30 days of the date the course was dropped. If the course materials are not returned, the market cost will be billed and invoiced to the party responsible for payment. Upon receiving all course materials for the dropped courses, the NDCDE invoice will be voided and the remaining amount will be refunded.


All courses dropped after the first 10 business days will receive no NDCDE refund.

Cost Breakdown of Dual Credit Courses taken through NDCDE
Credits Total Cost NDCDE MaSU
Two 307.92 139.00 168.92
Three 461.88 169.00 292.88
Four 615.84 199.00 416.84

Additional MaSU refunds must be requested from MaSU. Information on term session and drop dates can be found here


  • Extensions in Dual Credit courses are granted on a case by case basis based on identified documented hardships.
  • Extension requires approval from both NDCDE and MaSU.