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In response to the record enrollments and the need to ensure that every NDCDE student receives the attention and resources they need, NDCDE will temporarily close registration and enrollment to out-of-state students, effective Monday, January 29. While the temporary closure will affect most out-of-state students, NDCDE will continue to accept enrollments from out-of-state students in agriculture courses. Also, those out-of-state students admitted to the NDCDE diploma program may continue to enroll in courses listed in their plans of study.

The temporary closure is expected to be in effect until the middle to end of February, with ongoing assessments to determine if any adjustments are needed. NDCDE encourages prospective students, their families, and out-of-state schools to check the NDCDE website and Facebook page for updates regularly.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work to ensure continued educational excellence. Thank you for being part of our thriving educational community.

For further information, please contact Dr. Alyssa Martin at alyssa.martin@k12.nd.us.

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